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The fault phenomenon
It doesn't take long to get stuck in an interface and then completely freezes.
Failure analysis
Most of the dead machine failures are PC side failures. The stuck interface prompts to find a new keyboard, which may be caused by incompatibility or short circuit of digital keyboard caused by system drive failure.
When replacing the hard disk of the system, the fault is still the same. Considering the fault of the digital keyboard, the same problem occurs when disconnecting it from the control panel. Because this fault occurs only when the system is in use, it is suspected that there may be a short circuit in the panel, which needs further detection.
The machine USES XP, and a keyboard test software on that system can accurately detect problems on the keyboard side.

After clicking the key on the control panel, the situation is as follows
Even if the connection between the digital keyboard and the control panel is disconnected , it can be judged that the fault is caused by a short circuit of the panel, which continuously triggers the digital keyboard and causes the system to crash.
Replace the control panel and the machine returns to normal.