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Philips CX30 system maintenance
The phenomenon of failure:
 The system is properly starting-up, but it will crash during use.

Failure analysis:
Crashing is mainly failure of main board, and the stuck interface prompts the discovery of a new keyboard. This may be a system driver failure resulting in incompatibility or a short circuit in the numeric keypad.
Reinstall the system, the fault remains the same, consider the numeric keypad failure, but the same problem occurs when disconnecting it from the control panel. This fault occurs only when users uses panel keys, then it is suspected that there is a short circuit in the control panel part. So it needs further testing.
The ultrasound machine uses Windows XP system, then using a keyboard test software of the system can accurately detect whether the keyboard has any problems.

Even if the the numeric keypad and the control panel is disconnected, the failure is the same. So it can be determined that the fault is caused by the short circuit of the panel, which continuously triggers the system crash caused by the numeric keypad.
Third, testing and repair
Replace the control panel and the machine will return to normal.