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1.The phenomenon of failure:
HDI5000 machine occasionally sends 0002 error when starting up, and there is no echo in the ultrasonic image area when the fault occurs.

2.Failure analysis:
Detailed information of machine error reporting shows FEC error. According to the list of HDI5000 machine error diagnosis, 0002 represents the front-end plate fault, which may be the fault of PSM power board, AIM board, FEC board or CB board.The reason why the machine has no image display is generally that there is a fault in the high-voltage output of the machine, which is generally caused by the PSM power board or AIM board. After replacing the PSM power board and AIM board, the machine still occasionally reports an error of 0002, and the possibility of failure of the PSM power board and AIM board is excluded.Considering the occasional failure of the machine, the CB board may also be out of order. Since there are 8 CB boards in total, they need to be eliminated one by one. Judging from the logic, if the CB board is still out of order after starting up, the CB board may be out of order.

3. Testing and repair:
After replacing CB board (A9F), the machine starts up and returns to normal use.