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Technical support | What parameters do you need to know about the ultrasound equipment(2)
5. Color blood flow imaging system
1) Blood flow imaging ways
2) Color blood flow display: velocity diagram, energy diagram, velocity energy diagram, etc
3) Color display Angle
4) Color display frame frequency
6. 3D imaging function
1) Real-time 4D stereo imaging technology
2) 3D imaging: tissue, blood vessel and surface
7. Organizational optimization and processing technology
1) Pixel optimization and speckle noise removal technology
2) Adaptive scanning control technology
3) Automatic organization display optimization technology
8. Measurement and analysis function
1) General measurement function
2) Doppler blood flow measurement and analysis
3) Cardiac function measurement and analysis
9.Digital data and image storage/management/transmission system
1) File information management system: report file storage, image storage format selection, storage media: HD, FD, MOD, CD, DVD.
2) Digital communication transmission system: video printer interface;External monitoring machine interface;VCR interface;DIMCOM3.0 interface;The USB interface.