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Ultrasonic "crash"you have to know the repair method(1)
Ultrasound "crash" maintenance method : you have to know
The "dead" fault of the ultrasound equipment is the same as the "dead" fault that the computer often encounters. Sometimes it will be turned off and then turned on again, and the machine will work normally. However, sometimes the "dead" phenomenon can not be ruled out by any means of emergency. Under such conditions, maintenance workers must not be anxious, and should patiently and meticulously look for the cause of the "dead" failure, thereby eliminating the "dead" failure.
Fault phenomenon 1
The power-on self-test failed and the machine does not start up. Open the front cover of the machine, measure the DC working voltage of the machine after powering the machine. The VP2 voltage is equal to +3.8V, and the normal value is VP2=+V5. Because this group of power supplies is related to the color front panel and the channel board, the probe is first unplugged and then turned on, and the machine still does not start up.
Check the front-end channel board CB0-CB8 of the machine for a total of eight pieces, first remove 4 of them, then turn on the machine, the machine passes the self-test and detects that VP2=+5V is unchanged. When the front-end channel board is restored, when it starts more than 5 pieces, the VP2 voltage is lower than 4.5V, sometimes as low as 4.3V, and the machine self-test cannot pass, and a "dead" fault occurs.
Analysis of the reasons, is the VP2 DC 10V power supply capacity caused by the "crash" problem?
Contact the Philips manufacturer, borrow a new power box, test machine VP2 = +5V unchanged, the machine self-test passed, work normally, "dead" troubleshooting. Therefore, it is considered that this fault is a poor load capacity of the VP2 power supply, causing a large voltage drop of the +5V power supply during the booting process, thereby causing a power-on self-test but a "dead" fault.

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