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Aloka Prosound F31 Ultrasound System

Aloka Prosound F31 Ultrasound system

The F31 embodies these Japanese traditions combining quality and affordability in a compact ultrasound platform. Its ergonomics ensure efficient user workflow with a sympathetic design that safeguards patients’ confidence. The high performance capabilities and advanced system features enable the F31 to meet the requirements across a wide spectrum of clinical applications.

The flexible operating console and adjustable monitor of the F31 ultrasound platform combine to give a high degree of ease of use, safety and mobility.

Easy and compact for wide applications range
Spatial Compound Imaging
Trapezoid scan
Adaptive Image Processing (AIP)
Dynamic Slow-Motion Display
Automated measurement for IMT, NT, Free Angle M-mode
DICOM SR and Raw Data

With abdominal( UST-9123),cardiac(UST-5299),small parts( UST-5413) for each piece

3D, Abdominal,Cardiac, OB-GYN, Peripheral Vascular, Small Parts