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ALOKA α10 system maintenance

Fault conditions

The ALOKA α10 machine abdomen probe has no echo, the superficial probe has only a weak echo, and the heart probe has a normal echo.

Failure analysis

Since the heart probe has a normal echo, it is necessary to first eliminate the fault caused by the probe itself, and replace the other abdominal probe for testing. The test result also has no echo, and the fault is determined by the hardware of the machine itself. There is a voltage output indicator on the IO board at the rear of the machine. It is found that the +70V indicator is not lit after the machine is started, and the +90V indicator is always on. +70V, +90V supply the working voltage of the probe to the machine, combined with the echo of the abdomen probe and the normal echo of the heart probe. The fault may be caused by insufficient voltage supply of the high voltage power supply.

After replacing the high voltage power supply EU-6031, the machine resumes normal use.