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Maintenance: ACUSON S2000 Siemens color doppler fault maintenance case 1
The fault phenomenon
The machine S2000 restart repeatedly after starting, unable to use normally.

Failure analysis
The signal processing and control Module of S2000 color ultrasound machine is mainly composed of probe interface Module, input and output Module and electronic system Module. The electronic system Module includes TR, CB, RC, BE, VI and RM board. TR, RC board and probe interface Module jointly complete the ultrasonic signal processing function, which is collectively referred to as the front-end part.BE, VI and RM boards are responsible for the subsequent processing of ultrasonic signal data and the overall control function of the machine, collectively referred to as the back-end section.Generally, the abnormal start of color doppler ultrasound machine maybe caused by the fault of the back end or the power supply. Observing the indicator light of the machine's AC main power supply (AC), and it is found that there is no abnormal phenomenon in the indicator light when the machine is restarted. It is preliminarily judged that the power supply is normal.RM plate real-time control panel (Real Time manager CPU board, RM), similar to the board in the computer motherboard, it is the core of control machine functions, replacing the plate after boot malfunctioning machines still appeared again and again to restart, exclude the possibility the RM board failure, respectively BE replacement, VI plate test, when change the VI board machine starts after a fault, it did not appear repeatedly restart boot 1 hour test machine can use normal, thus determine the fault is caused by VI plate.

Replace the VI board, after testing it can be used normally, troubleshooting.

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