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1.The phenomenon of failure:
X300 machine boot all probe images have interference.

In general, the failure of the power supply part or the channel plate of the color ultrasonic machine will lead to the interference of the image. If the DC main power supply and TR plate are replaced for testing, the interference of the image of the machine will still exist and the interference will not be changed, so the possibility of the failure of the DC main power supply and TR plate will be excluded.RC board is the receiving control board. In addition to realizing the control function of ultrasonic transmission and reception, RC board is also responsible for simulation to digital conversion of the received data of TR board.TI board is a probe interface board, which is mainly responsible for the connection and switching of probes.Finally, the TI plate was replaced to eliminate interference fault.
X300 color ultrasonic machine structure is relatively simple, the integration of the function of the plate is high, so the maintenance difficulty is relatively simple compared to other color ultrasonic machines, but also need maintenance personnel to have a deep understanding of the working principle of color ultrasonic machine, for the machine failure has sufficient maintenance experience.